InnerSoft CAD para AutoCAD 2006


Treatment program for AutoCAD entities


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InnerSoft CAD is a treatment program for AutoCAD entities, plus the exporting and importing between AutoCAD and MS Excel of the value for different properties and numerous entities, or even for on-screen consultations.

It also offers a module that helps you calculate homogenized moments of inertia for composite sections.

With InnerSoft CAD you can:
- Perform AutoCAD measurements and order them by Chapters and Entries prior to their exportation.
- Create lists of drawings *.dxf y *.dwg present in your computer for their management.
- Import from Excel the coordinates of a point cloud or a list of vertices of a set of polylines or 3D polylines, according to different methods.
- Consult on screen the total sum of an area or the longitude of different AutoCAD entities, plus the total longitude of a path traced by points on the drawing.
- Get the values ​​for moments of inertia of the gross, net and homogenized sections composed of multiple materials.
- Find the profile for a field, land or triangular meshing of a point cloud.

The only part operating is a section of the Consultation Menu (with no options to export), a part of the Measurement Management (with no options to save, export or create new entries), part of the CAD Library Management (with no options to save or create books or new libraries). Also available are the commands from the Several menu, with a new routine to plot points, and the Transformation menu.

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